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Recent years have seen an enormous push to propose and support legislation that will allow adult adoptees access to information pertaining to their births. Advocacy groups around the U.S., Canada, and in other countries are becoming more organized and effective. If you have considered the issue (see The Open Records Debate) and want to get involved, these groups are the places to look:

Adoptees' Caucus for Truth
An activist group calling on the Federal Government to make adoptee rights to birth information a national issue, with national policy.

Adoptionireland.com Home of the Adopted Peoples Association, the APA Irish Contact Register, and the Natural Parents Network of Ireland, the site is a wealth of information concerning adoption reform.

American Adoption Congress
Advocates for truth and openness in adoption with support for all states.

Americans for Open Records (AmFOR)
Advocating for open records; supports an international movement to abolish adoption. The group also works in various areas of children's rights.

Birthmothers for Open Records was formed to give a voice to birthmothers who support open records legislation. The site contains sections on activism, news, statistics, membership (free) and more.

Bastard Nation
A loud call to action in support of unrestricted access to original birth records for all adult adoptees in the US and Canada. Links to state and international contacts.

California Open
The best way to keep track of adoptee rights efforts around the state.

Coalition for Open Adoption Records (COAR) Ontario
Organizers of a province-wide campaign with the goal of opening records in Ontario. Legislative updates, general information. Updated regularly.

Council for Equal Rights in Adoption
CERA advocates for open records and family preservation, and promotes public awareness of adoption issues.

Florida Open Records Unity Movement is a new organization promoting unconditional access to adoption records for adult adoptees. Mailing list also.

Green Ribbon Campaign
A nationwide effort to build awareness of the open records issue, and support efforts to change state laws.

Mississippi Adoptees Rallying for Records Access, providing information, support, and advocating for open records.

New Jersey Coalition for Openness in Adoption
Supports openness and honesty in adoption through educational outreach and legislative advocacy.

New York Statewide Adoption Reform
Successor to the Adoptees Political Action Committee, the group (along with Unsealed Initiative) seeks to open records for New York adopted persons and promotes the Adoptees Bill of Rights.

North Carolina Coalition for Adoption Reform (NCCAR)
Information about legislation, search, and adoption reform in the state. Includes an NS Search Angels listing.

Oklahoma Adoptee Rights
A source of legal and contact information for those supporting open records for adult adoptees in the state.

Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources and Education
TxCARE promotes adult adoptee access to birth records and integrity in adoption law. The site includes legislative tracking, conference and meeting information, and the opportunity to join ($30 annual fee).

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